Cathy Rathgeb Hot breaking news!!!
It has been 35 years boys and girls......the #35 Santiago High School Reunion is coming soon
Organizer: Cathy Rathgeb Kulonis
Online Event: Tentative
Start: 11:00 AM (Pacific) Jun 21, 2008
End: 6:00 PM (Pacific) Jun 21, 2008

More info:
Cathy Rathgeb Kulonis

What a great day at the park we had at the #30 year reunion!!! If you couldn't make it, here are some pics from the reunion for all to see:

If you have any pics that you want me to add, just send them to me

BTW, if I could find your signature in my yearbooks, you can see it by left clicking on your picture!

Beverly Frazier

Paula Sievers  Class of '70

 Hector Gomez    Armando Gomez
Adrian Montoya

Wayne Howren

Andy Greenblatt
Terri Sturm

Jon Ziemba

Bob Jones
Brian Bailey

Dena Schneider

Brooke Fortney
Cindy VanAlyne

Larry Brown

Cindy Wiest
Donna Phillips

Debbie Flacy

Doug Bruchhauser
Frank Day

Lori Schultz


Hans Dassen
Jim Barker

Paula Baio

Joe Spear
Kathy Underwood

Patti Beshears

Kirk Hunziker
Melinda Mull

Karen Carlson

Michelle Conway
Seth Picker

Teri Carter

Jeannie Peoples
Sheree Gardner

Rhonda Daley

Terry Damico
Diane Goodwin

Ellen Hicks

Debra Hurley
Susan Donovan



John Swartzell
Victor Skaggs   Eric Swanson
Suzi Richardson

Nancy O'Hodnicki

Kevin Admire
Thor Swanson

Sue Peloquin

Guy Humphries
Lynn Nielson Sue Smith Tony Wallick Diana Phillips
Mark Thompson Beckie Ann Collins Gary North Sandy Wiland
Katie McWilliams Frances Tate Pat Landrum Cathy Collard
Santiago Cavaliers
Class of '73
Santiago Cavaliers Class of '73
31 Year Reunion

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